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P18 - Designing smart specialisation strategies in rural areas

Artur da Rosa Pires
Lívia Madureira
Martina Partoldi

The languages will be English and Portuguese.

The policy making paradigm towards rural development is changing in Europe and elsewhere (OECD, 2006). Smart specialisation strategies, the operational policy instrument to apply the concept of place-based approach for development interventions, will deeply influence policy making in the coming years. Therefore, the design and implementation of smart specialisation strategies in rural areas become a key issue. In fact, rural regions raise specific challenges demanding new approaches to rural innovation. On the one hand, rural regions tend to have less powerfull actors and weak knowledge resources. On the oher hand, rural areas are extremely rich of latent resources (in the sense oh Hirschmann) as environment, biodiversity, cultural resources, food, landscape, including relational resources. These characteristics are bound to have na impacto n policy design, which must be able to bring together different actors, blend scientific and local knowledge, and act upon local resources towards its valorization in both the local and global economy. Moreover, policy designshould be able to stimulate collaborative approachesthat “effectively improve social capacity to guide interactions between nature and society towards more sustainable trajectories” (Madisen, 2012)

To promote the discussion and provide useful insights on the challenges, opportunities and specificities of the next generation of rural development policies, making a contribution to explore the relevance of the ‘new rural paradigm’ and ‘rural innovation’ in the contexto of the current economic and socio-political crisis and to develop or improve relevant and spatially sensitive analytic and policy-design tools.

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