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P17 - Public goods from agriculture and agro-forestry:
           Valuation and mechanisms for value capture

Lívia Madureira
José Lima Santos
 (ISA / CEF)
Frank W. Carvalho

The languages will be English and Portuguese.

Agriculture and agro-forestry are fundamental for the provision of public goods, including environmental, cultural and social goods and services. These include, for instance, cultural landscape, biodiversity, soil quality, fire resilience, rural heritage, food quality and safety and vitality of rural communities.

Considerable research has been conducted in the last years on how to define, delimitate and value agricultural and agro-forestry public goods. Another important work area is the design and evaluation of agri-environmental policies, as well as alternative schemes to pay farmers and landowners for their provision.

The aims of this session are to present and discuss evidence and experience in this field across regions worldwide and to compare different approaches and outcomes in defining, delimitating, valuing and capturing value of environmental, cultural and social public goods provided by the agriculture and agro-forestry activities in rural areas.

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Conference dates – October 15-18, 2013
Technical and touristic trip (optional)
 – October 19, 2013


Gala dinner will take place on October 17th and will be an opportunity for networking between delegates and tasting the flavors and nectars of the region.
The technical and touristic trip will be held on 19th, Saturday, and will take the participants of ESADR 2013 to typical places of high historical and landscape interest of Alentejo.

Note: The expression of interested in participating in the gala dinner and / or technical and touristic trip should be confirmed to, as soon as possible. For more information please visit registration page.


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