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P16 - Ecoefficiency, participatory processes and sustainability

António José Dinis Ferreira
M.ª de Fátima Lorena Oliveira
Sandra Valente

Modern societies face overwhelming challenges as a result of raw materials depletion and energy limitations. This context requires a reevaluation and rethink the way we manage the resources and organize our society, so that adaptation to the new realities may be the least traumatic possible. In this context, the agro-food sector plays a key role in the sustainability and quality of life of future generations. The adaptation requires changes that to be accepted must be based on a participatory process that implement dialog and build consensus.

We welcome works that witness the involvement of key actors and the civil society in the process of improving the management of natural resources, using new approaches and methodologies to integrate public participation in the processes of decision making.

Concomitantly a new vision of integrated management and efficient use of resources has to be developed, reason why we encourage the submission of works on case studies, theoretical reflections or the demonstration of methodologies to implement eco-efficiency solutions to the agro-food sector.

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Conference dates – October 15-18, 2013
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