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Universidade de Évora

The University of Évora is a public institution of higher education whose origins date back to 1559. After being closed in the 18th century, the university reopens in 1979. At the present time, it is organized in departments which are grouped in schools related to specific scientific domains – Arts; Social Sciences; Technology Sciences; Health.
The São João de Deus School of Nursing, a public polytechnic institute of higher education, became part of the University of Evora in 2004.
Blended in with the city, the campus is comprised of buildings with a high patrimonial value from different historical periods, deserving special attention the Espírito Santo College; Casa Cordovil; Luís António Verney College; Pedro da Fonseca College; Mateus d' Aranda College; Vimioso Palace; Former Leões Factory; São João de Deus School of Nursing.
Outside city limits, the university reaches as far as 12km at the Mitra Centre. There are also two experimental estates in the south of Alentejo and several other units scattered over different cities in the south of Portugal where teaching and researching activities are carried out: Mitra Centre; Estremoz Centre; Sines Centre; Marvão Centre; Alter do Chão Centre.
The University of Evora has around 5760 students enrolled in graduate courses, 1588 in Master’s courses and 277 in PhD courses. Moreover, it has a teaching staff of 577, of whom more than half hold a PhD degree, and an administrative staff of 406.


 (standing for Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural and Environmental Sciences) is a University of Évora Research and Development (R&D) Unit created in 1991 under the framework of the National Science Program (“Program Ciência”). ICAAM is located on “Campus da Mitra”, an experimental farm covering more than 285 ha in Alentejo (southern Portugal), 12 km from the city of Évora.
ICAAM’s main goal is to promote excellence in research on Mediterranean agro-ecosystems, following a multidisciplinary approach (integrating researchers from several scientific areas: Agricultural Engineering, Animal Science, Biology, Crop Science, Physics, Chemistry, Ecology, Economics, Landscape and Territory, Soil Science and Veterinary Medicine) and a strong cooperation with national and international research groups and local producers and professional organizations.
As a result, ICAAM aims to contribute to the knowledge, innovation, development, sustainability and competitiveness of agro-silvo-pastoral Mediterranean systems.


The Center for Advanced Studies in Management and Economics of the University of Évora (CEFAGE-UE) was created in 2006, with the aim of promoting research in the areas of Management and Economics. Since 2009, CEFAGE-UE is funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Teconologia (FCT) and achieved the maximum grade ("Excellent") in its latest research units evaluation.
The research interests of CEFAGE-UE's members cover, among other fields, agricultural economics, econometrics, environmental resources, finance, industrial organization, innovation and entrepreneurship, international economics, labour economics, operations research, tourism economics, spatial economics and sustainable growth. Therefore, CEFAGE-UE is divided into four research groups: "Industrial Economics and Business Strategy", "Econometrics, Statistics and Operations Research", "Finance and Accounting" and "Labour, International and Spatial Economics".

sponsors of ESADR 2013
              sponsors of ESADR 2013


Conference dates – October 15-18, 2013
Technical and touristic trip (optional)
 – October 19, 2013


Gala dinner will take place on October 17th and will be an opportunity for networking between delegates and tasting the flavors and nectars of the region.
The technical and touristic trip will be held on 19th, Saturday, and will take the participants of ESADR 2013 to typical places of high historical and landscape interest of Alentejo.

Note: The expression of interested in participating in the gala dinner and / or technical and touristic trip should be confirmed to, as soon as possible. For more information please visit registration page.


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